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Arts & Science IT provides select GSAS faculty and staff with special computing services and support. We deploy workstations, build websites, consult on big data needs, assist with desktop support, manage departmental staff workstations, provide software, implement backups, and more.


Backup your Data

Backup solutions so you never have to worry about loosing your data


Website Building

Need to advertise your program? Disseminate your data? Announce your events? We can help you build a professional, branded website.

Computer Setup

If you’re due for a new computer, we can help you pick the right one, and set it up just how you like.


Contact us if you need help with:

  • Software & hardware installation, configuration, and training, and troubleshooting
  • Pre-purchase advice and consulting
  • Backup and data recovery consultation
  • Help with internet connectivity and Email problems
  • Help with setting up a website
  • And much, much more

What our support does not cover:

  • Hardware repairs (we can help diagnose and find other repair solutions)
  • Off campus locations: our service will be limited to faculty on the morningside campus.
  • Data entry or other routine computer tasks, such as word processing, web page edits, etc.

Contact CUIT for help with:

  • Installing new networking equipment (jacks, phone lines, network cables)
  • Issues with the cunix server (and other CUIT hosted services, such as the HPC)
  • UNI Password reset requests, phone voicemail PIN resets
  • HR, Finance, Enterprise, Student, and other reporting (PeopleSoft, FAS, FFE, AP/CAR, DARTS, Student Registration, etc)

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Website Development

Wordpress Hosting

We host wordpress sites on our multisite instance. All the benefits of wordpress, none of the hassle of maintaining one.

Customized domain name

Your website will have a custom top-level domain name, such as

Responsive Layout

Our responsive layouts can accommodate large desktops, tablets, and smaller mobile devices seamlessly.

Expert Assistance

If you’ve never work on a wordpress site before, we can train you edit your own content and write your own blog postings, instead of asking us each time.

Professional template

Gorgeous, professional templates you can put to use right away. Forget plain and boring, our templates will stand out.

Full development option

For a fee, we can take over the entire process – you tell us what you want, and we make it happen.

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