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Basic instructions on how to install ffe and apcar below (for those admins who still need these two programs):

1. Download the two programs from here:

(Scroll down for the individual ffe and apcar webpage links. Click on those links. On each of the webpages for ffe and apcar, you’ll see a download link for each installer). Download each installer to your desktop.

2. Before running each installer, right click the installer, select properties, click on the compatibility tab, select ‘xp compatibility mode’ (or win7 compatiblity mode if you dont see xp; sometimes it will simply say ‘previous windows versions’), and also click on the checkbox for  ‘run as administrator’ if you can. Click Ok. Then run the installer by double clicking it, to install the program.

3. After each installer completes, it will create program shortcuts on the desktop that you can use to launch the program.

4. Try launching either program. If they don’t work, firewall is blocking them. Close them and search for “add a program to firewall” from the windows start button, and click the resulting firewall program. Within the firewall program, click ‘change’ and click ‘add’ and point the firewall to both (each) programs to add them to the “allowed list” in the firewall. (put checkmarks on everything: public networks, private networks, etc).

5. Then retry launching them. should work. If still doesn’t work, reboot computer and retry. You can also try right-clicking each program and choosing “run as administrator”.

6. Contact FDS at or x40702 if still doesn’t work.

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