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Define LDAP

Most users of Columbia’s email system are familiar with the LDAP server, which automatically looks up (and autocompletes) a Columbia email address when you begin typing a Columbia UNI. This lookup system is different from both Outlook’s “autocomplete cache” and from your saved email addresses located in Outlook’s Contacts folder.

For information on how to configure your LDAP server in Outlook, see here.

NOTE: Currently many Outlook 2007 users at Columbia report experiencing excessive delays while using the LDAP server’s lookup system. If you find that your Outlook program “locks up” for about 60 seconds whenever you’ve entered a Columbia UNI, often followed by an error message, you can configure Outlook to search your local Contacts folder first before attempting to connect to Columbia’s LDAP service. You may also simply remove the LDAP service and use only your Outlook’s Contact list.

To configure Outlook to prioritize your Contacts list:

  1. In Outlook, select Tools > Address Book.outlook
  2. In the Address Book window, select Tools > Options.outlook


  3. In the Addressing window, under Show this address list first, select Contacts. Under the When sending mail section, select Contacts and use the up/down arrow keys (circled below) to move the Contacts list to the top.outlook
  4. Optionally, you may also remove the LDAP server altogether by selecting it and clicking Remove.
  5. When finished, click, OK
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